Who we are

It is important nowadays to know about every event that occurs in the world, especially when we know about it from a right source. That’s why in order to sift to the truth behind what’s going on around the world you have to listen to the people’s voice and to reach facts from it.
Away from the bulk of gigantic media machines that control news and minds, we’re trying with this humble initiative to launch this project of mind speaking by means of exchanging news, opinions, information and public concerns with regard to our daily life and events taking place around the world.

Independent civil journalism is our way to get facts, without being aligned with anyone or against someone. Just like the quintessence we’re crowd-funded, crowd-sourced, crowd-sounded, independent, and free.

This project relays on the people only to make it succeed in its objectives to get to the truth and knowledge.

That’s why we rely on the crowd contributions morally and materially to go far with this project to build it order to become bigger and to extend in all media.

Why we chose the term Syrializm

Living in the world full of strange things, Syria had become a perfect example of everything that went bad. Suffice it to mention the name of Syria and you’ll be surprised with the amount of political games, economic struggles, extremism, terrorism, civil wars, refugees and so on, and so forth.

We invented the term “Syrializm” as our title to depict all its aspects and to put it as a criterion that can be applied anywhere in the world.

We would like you to speak your mind and share your opinions regarding anything, letting everyone know what’s going on here and there, be able to see with eyes wide open facts behind everything and give a chance for others to know.

There are no rules or restrictions of what to say or not to say, just speak your mind.
Syrializm.com is a web site assigned to the crowd, led by the crowd and funded by the crowd.