China: We seek dialogue with the United States, and the reason for our differences is due to the Trump administration’s measures

State Councilor responsible for China’s foreign affairs, Wang Yi, said on Monday that the actions of former US President Donald Trump’s administration to suppress and contain China are the root cause of problems in relations between the two countries.

Speaking at a forum in Beijing, Wang urged US policymakers to stop tarnishing the reputation of the ruling Communist Party in China and to stop colluding with the separatist forces.

Speaking on relations with the United States, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a press statement Monday night that both countries should focus on their internal affairs in conjunction with joint work with each other “in the interest of all mankind”.

Wang Yi considered that the root cause of the bilateral tensions between his country and the United States was due to the measures taken by the previous administration “to suppress and deter China,” stressing that the Trump team’s steps “caused immeasurable damage to international relations”.

He added that “democracy must be rooted in the reality of every country,” noting that his country “is always committed to protecting human rights”.

He said that Xinjiang and Tibet are “bright examples” of the progress made by China in the field of human rights, given the socio-economic development in them.

“We seek dialogue, not confrontation… China has always called for cooperation based on the principle of win-win,” the Chinese foreign minister stressed.

Wang Yi pointed out that the Chinese authorities never interfered in the internal affairs of the United States, and said that his country “does not want to challenge the United States or to replace it” in the world.

He expressed his hope that the United States would respect the vital interests of China and stop insulting the Chinese Communist Party and coordinate with “separatist forces”, calling for reactivating and arranging dialogue mechanisms between the two countries.