Israel is moving to develop the Dimona nuclear site… Zarif criticizes the absence of Western leader’s response to the Israeli move

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Israel is moving to develop the Dimona nuclear site, criticizing the absence of Western officials’ response to it, according to Iranian Fars News Agency.

Zarif tweeted, on Saturday, saying, “Israel is working to develop the Dimona site, the only nuclear bomb factory in the region”.

Following this message, the Iranian Foreign Minister sent notifications to the Twitter accounts of the US President, the International Atomic Energy Agency, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, asking them to comment on the matter.

Addressing these leaders, he added, “Are you deeply concerned? 

Are you a little worried? 

Do you want to comment? 

This is what I thought!”, Referring to the leaders’ silence regarding Israel’s expansion of its nuclear center.

The ICRC’s fissile material group has released satellite images showing that Israel has developed the NCO nuclear research center (the nuclear power plant in Dimona).

According to this report, new construction works have been carried out near the nuclear power plant in Dimona and the nuclear recycling station.

A place of 140 meters in area and 50 meters in width has been excavated, and the nature of these constructions is still unknown.