Trump pledges to continue US political life despite leaving the White House and confirms that his political movement is very strong and getting stronger with time

Former US President Donald Trump pledged to continue to be present in US politics, despite his leaving the White House.

This came in statements made by Trump, on Wednesday, during three different interviews, including two over the phone, with “Fox” and “OANN”, US media outlets published news reports about them.

Trump emphasized that his political movement “is very strong and getting stronger over time”.

Commenting on the decision of the “Twitter” company to ban his account permanently, Trump considered that “the platform has become very boring because it is no longer the same”.

On Tuesday, a new Politico-Morning Consult poll reveals that Trump is more likely to win the support of Republican voters if the party primaries are held this year.

According to the results, 59 percent of Republicans surveyed want Trump to continue to play a prominent role in the party, while 54 percent said they would support the former president in the primaries.

Commenting on the new poll, the former US president stressed his continued popularity among Republican voters.

Trump’s popularity among Republicans declined due to the storming of the Capitol by his supporters on January 6, but it rose again following his acquittal in the Senate, according to the poll.

On February 14, the US Senate voted by 57 to 43 to acquit Trump of incitement to revolt in Congress.

Trump is the first US president to be tried twice in Congress, and he is also the first president to be tried while out of power, and he is also the first president to survive two trials and be acquitted.

In a dangerous precedent in US political life, on January 6, Washington witnessed clashes between security forces and supporters of Trump storming the Congress building, killing 5 people, including a police officer, and arresting 52 others.