The two Syrian prisoners reject conditions for their release from Israeli prisons in exchange for an Israeli woman in arrested in Syria

The Syrian prisoners Nihal al Maqt and Dhiab Kahmuz rejected the conditions set by the Israeli government for their release in exchange for the release of an Israeli citizen in Syria.

According to the Israeli channel i24 website, the ongoing talks between Israel and Syria, mediated by Russia, were revealed in order to conclude a deal whereby Syria would release an Israeli citizen there, in exchange for Israel releasing two Syrian prisoners in its prisons.

The channel reported the refusal of each of the two prisoners, Nihal al Maqt and Dhiab Kahmuz, stressing that they do not agree to the terms of the deal, which stipulates their deportation from their towns on the Golan Heights to Syria, but rather they want to stay in their towns on the Golan Heights.

Sources said that the deal includes a secret clause stipulating that Israel reduce the frequency of its bombing of Iranian sites on Syrian territory, stressing that observers expect to complete it in the coming hours today or tomorrow at the latest, stressing that the only obstacle is the refusal of the detainees from the Golan Heights to deport them to Syria.

It is noteworthy that the head of the Israeli National Council, Meir Ben Shabat, and the Coordinator of Prisoners’ Affairs and Missing Persons, Yaron Blum, returned to Israel last night from Moscow, after a 48-hour visit to work to complete that deal.

It is worth noting that the prisoners against whom the deal is being dealt are Dhiab Kahmuz, who has been serving a 14-year sentence since 2016, and Nahal al Maqt, who were arrested on charges of collaborating with “Hezbollah”.

Regarding the Israeli citizen detained in Syria, she is a 25-year-old young woman who crossed the Israeli border with Syria at the Quneitra crossing two weeks ago, as Israeli sources confirm that her motive was an affair she spun over the Internet with a Syrian young man and wanted to meet him.

It is noteworthy that the official Syrian news agency “SANA” had announced, on Wednesday, the launch of a prisoner exchange process between Syria and Israel, mediated by Russia.

The agency stated: “Within the framework of the Syrian state’s keenness to liberate its citizens from the detention camps of the Israeli occupation by all possible means and costs, work is underway to free Syrian citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan from the prisons of the Israeli occupation”.