Moscow and Washington seek cooperation in settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and activating peace in the Middle East

Moscow and Washington discussed prospects for bilateral cooperation in settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and expressed their interest in activating the peace process in the Middle East.

According to a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, following the phone call between the Russian special envoy for the Middle East settlement, Vladimir Safronkov, and US Deputy Secretary of State Hadi Amr, on Monday, that the two sides “discussed prospects for cooperation between Moscow and Washington regarding the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, including within the framework of Quadruple of International Mediators in the Middle East”.

The statement added that the Russian side welcomed the readiness of the United States to fully resume its participation in the Quartet’s work, and support was expressed for revitalizing the bilateral dialogue on the issue of the Middle East settlement.

“It was emphasized that the two sides seek constructive cooperation with the aim of activating the peace process in the Middle East,” Alban added.

On Monday, Safronkov and Amr participated in a call to the Quartet for settlement in the Middle East, with Susanna Terstal of the European Union, and Tor Vinisland on the United Nations.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Russian side “stressed the importance of creating favorable conditions for the resumption of direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations under the auspices of the International Quartet, with the aim of settling the basic issues of the final status on the basis of known international legal references, which stipulate the establishment of the states of Palestine and Israel, which must live in peace and security”.

The Foreign Ministry added that it was also emphasized that “unilateral steps are not permissible, whether inciting violence or expanding settlement activity, including the demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that the Quartet parties agreed to hold their regular meetings.