Violent clashes between factions of the Turkish backed Syrian National Army in Afrin

Violent clashes with heavy weapons broke out on Saturday, between the factions of the pro-Turkish Syrian National Army within residential neighborhoods in Afrin, north of Aleppo.

According to local sources, the clashes “broke out between groups belonging to the” Army of Islam “faction on the one hand, and the” Levantine Front “on the other side, at the” Kawa al Haddad “roundabout in the center of Afrin”.

The sources pointed out that the two sides “are using heavy weapons in the middle of residential neighborhoods, coinciding with the arrival of military reinforcements for both sides of the fighting to the city, while the causes and motives of the fighting were not known until this moment”.

Activists on social media reported that two people were killed and a number of wounded in the city center of Afrin, due to violent clashes between the “Army of Islam” faction and the “51 Brigade”.

A security leader from the Sultan Murad faction, called “Jassim al Awad,” known as “Abu Khaled,” was killed on December 21, by one of his members in Afrin, amid conflicting news about the cause of the incident that led to clashes between the faction’s members and the injury of three injured.

Armed clashes erupted during the same month, between the two factions of the Sham Legion and the Nour al Din al Zanki movement, following a conflict over a seized house belonging to an Afrin IDP, located on “Yalangouz” Street in Jenderes, the second largest city in the Afrin region, killing and wounding 13 members of the two factions.

Afrin has been living in a state of chaos and insecurity since the “Syrian National Army” took control of the city in March 2018, as the factions practiced looting, theft and robbery of the people’s property from homes and lands, which led to conflict between them over these properties and transformed that.

The conflict has led to direct confrontations on several occasions.