The Biden administration responds with force, threatening Israel to prevent its airlines from landing at American airports, and an emergency session to address tension

The Israel newspaper revealed on Saturday evening, the US administration’s decision to prevent the Israeli El Al planes from landing at US airports if the Israeli government continues its policy of preventing American companies from landing at Ben Gurion Airport.

The newspaper added that the United States considers this matter a flagrant violation of the aviation agreement between the two countries, which provides for opening the way for competition between companies to activate flights, even in light of the Israeli government’s decision to close the airport and be satisfied with bringing stranded people from abroad.

And continued, “According to reports published by the US media, the Biden administration has warned Israel against continuing to prevent American aircraft from operating flights to Israel until the end of this week”.

The sources indicated that the Israeli Ministry of Communications will hold an emergency session today to discuss how to deal with the American decision and re-examine its decision to close Ben Gurion Airport to flights to limit the spread of the Coronavirus crisis, and there is also a fear that other countries will take a similar protest step.