After it was repeated on the Syrian-Lebanese border, a former Israeli general reveals a serious military failure in his country

On Sunday, a former Israeli general revealed a serious military failure in his country, and Reserve General Yitzhak Brick mentioned that the successive security failures in defending the Israeli army’s military bases, and the continued theft of weapons indicate a serious military security breach in Country.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli website “News One” quoted General Brick, the former head of the Israeli army’s complaints committee, that the multiple thefts of Israeli military bases mean the disintegration of defense plans regarding those bases, as well as non-implementation of orders, and lack of monitoring, demanding the formation of a committee an investigation to examine how the military bases were stolen in his country.

General Brick described what is happening inside the corridors of the Israeli army as a state of “severe neglect,” and the disintegration of the foundations, rules and constants of the IDF, which implicitly refers to the army at the present time, of the application of the state of disintegration and neglect, failure to implement orders, and escape from responsibility.

General Yitzhak Brick, former head of the complaints committee in the IDF, appealed to the political and military leaders in his country to expedite the formation of an investigation committee outside the army to examine and discuss how the theft of military bases continues.

On Wednesday, the Israeli TV channel revealed a process of stealing new weapons from an Israeli military base.

The Channel 12 reported that a group of thieves used a drone to steal military equipment from the “Nathan” military base, which is located in the city of Beersheba in southern Israel.

The channel reported that the theft occurred last week, during which the thieves used the drone to cut off the electricity to the military base completely, then took pictures from inside the base and gathered information to infiltrate inside the base, and then the thieves succeeded in penetrating the security fence of the base, and stole military equipment, not military weapons.

The Israeli TV channel indicated on its website that this Israeli security breach is a new military breach of Israeli military bases, and a continuation of the series of stealing military bases, which threatens a great danger to the Israeli national security.

The channel clarified that the IDF and police have jointly opened an investigation into the incident, and have not yet been able to arrest the thieves or the perpetrators, in addition to that the military and political leaders in the country had intelligence information confirming that there are attempts to steal this military base or other, without Feasibility.

The IDF took a new decision, last Sunday, to reduce weapons in the sites near the borders, against the backdrop of the noticeable increase in the theft of weapons from those sites.

The Israeli TV Channel reported that, during the past year, the IDF conducted inspections of the security of weapons and military equipment at the sites near the border fence of the country, after the number of weapons stolen from those sites increased, and as a result, it was decided to gradually reduce the number of weapons according to operational need.

The IDF is still searching for ways or means to prevent the continued theft of weapons from warehouses or military sites near the borders, especially on the Syrian-Lebanese borders, to no avail.

In the same context, the IDF had already taken an important decision, almost two months ago, to collect weapons from the population in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, following the penetration of a military base of the 769th Brigade in the north of Israel, which is located near the Lebanese-Syrian border, and the theft of its military equipment.

More than 40 weapons were stolen from that Israeli military base, which is located in the Upper Galilee region, and the Israeli army collected them later, after they spread on the Lebanese borders, which prompted the Israeli authorities to collect the weapons and store them in tight military bases, after providing all means of security, and safety in those rules.

Among the military measures that will be provided on the Israeli military bases where the weapons will be stored, construction of concrete walls, installation of surveillance cameras, and other security and safety factors.

The Israeli website “0404” stated, on the sixth of last September, that unknown persons stormed the base of the 769th Central Brigade in the Galilee region in northern Israel, and stole many weapons after entering the armory.