Democrats: Trump knew well what he was doing and the congressional stormers were only following the president’s orders

Democrats seeking to indict former US President Donald Trump in his trial in the Senate for inciting supporters to storm Congress on January 6 said Trump was well aware of what he was doing when he called on his supporters to rally in Washington that day.

On the third day of the trial, the House Democrats representing the prosecution provided example after example of Trump’s actions before the attack to clarify his intentions when he called on his supporters to go to the Capitol and “fight hard” during Congress to officially certify President Joe Biden’s victory in the elections that took place. On the third of November.

“What happened on January 6 was not a sudden shift from normal, law-abiding behavior and a peaceful approach… it was Trump’s basic approach,” said Jimmy Raskin, director of the Democrats’ team at trial.

Democratic Representative Diana Digity told the Senate that when authorities brought criminal charges against a number of those who stormed Congress, they said they believed they were carrying out Trump’s orders that day.

“The president asked them to be there, so they really thought they wouldn’t be punished,” she added.

Democrats will likely not be able to muster the number needed to convict Trump and deny him any public office again, given that only six Republicans have joined the Democrats in voting in the 100-member Senate in favor of proceeding with the trial.

The conviction needs the approval of two-thirds of the council’s members, which means the support of at least 17 Republican members.

On January 13, the Democratic-led House of Representatives charged the former Republican president with incitement for revolt, whose term expired on January 20.