Yisrael Hayom: Will Hezbollah initiate a military operation against the Israeli army?

According to estimates by the Israeli Military Intelligence “Aman” division, on Tuesday evening, “Hezbollah” will initiate a series of limited battles on the borders with Israel, for the first time since the second war on Lebanon, in July of 2006.

The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Hayom” reported, this Tuesday evening, that Israeli estimates indicate that “Hezbollah” has not abandoned the concept of responding to the Israeli attacks, and although it has failed twice in recent months to respond to the killing of Lebanese activists in Syria, it is still determined to reply.

The newspaper stressed that the assessment of the “Aman” division states that there is a state of concern in the staff of the Israeli army about the presence of tens and perhaps hundreds of accurate missiles in the possession of “Hezbollah”, and that the Israeli response will not stop at the point of deploying batteries of the “Iron Dome” defense system, other defensive alternatives must be sought.

The newspaper quoted one of the senior Israeli officers: Israel deals with any missile threat from Hezbollah, whether overt or covert.

In a related context, the Israeli army began on Tuesday, conducting military maneuvers on the Lebanese borders with his country, and will continue until Wednesday afternoon, the military called the training “Lightning Storm”.

Avichai Adrai, the IDF spokesman, posted a new tweet to him on his official Twitter account, in which he confirmed that the aim of the maneuvers was to continue “the IDF’s activities to enhance its readiness on the border with Lebanon, based on its mission to defend the citizens of the north”.

On the details of the maneuver, Adraei wrote: The border area with Lebanon will witness an active movement of security forces, and a number of roadblocks will be deployed on some roads without closing them.

He continued, “The Thunderstorm will examine what has been learned through the outcome of some of the events that occurred on the borders last summer.

The forces will also train on a number of scenarios that include” combat day “scenarios. 

On Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz threatened the Lebanese to pay a “heavy price” in any upcoming military confrontation with his country.

This came in his speech during the commemoration ceremony of the “helicopter disaster”, which in 1997 killed 73 Israeli soldiers and officers after two Israeli helicopters collided in southern Lebanon.

Gantz said: Three and a half years after that disaster, we left Lebanon… and since that time we have made clear repeatedly that we will not allow Hezbollah and the Iranians to turn Lebanon into a state of terror.