Damascus announces its willingness to work with the Biden administration on conditions

The “Newsweek” magazine revealed, in a report, that the Syrian delegation in the UN has expressed its willingness to work with the administration of the US President, Joe Biden, but within the conditions presented by the delegation, most notably the retreat from the policies of the previous US administration.

The magazine quoted the Permanent Mission of Syria to the United Nations as saying: The conditions include “stopping interference in the internal affairs of Syria, withdrawing US forces deployed without Damascus’s permission, and stopping exploitation of oil and gas resources”.

They also include “ending aid to the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF)” and other non-state actors involved in the war in Syria”.

The mission added, “In the event that the US administration is prepared to abandon these policies, Syria does not object to meaningful and meaningful communications, far from the conditions that the previous administration was trying to impose on Syria regarding the situation in Syria and the region”.

The mission emphasized that “the existing differences with the United States of America are caused by the policies of previous US administrations, which include: interference in the internal affairs of Syria, occupying lands in the Syrian Arab Republic, stealing its natural resources, and supporting separatist militias and armed terrorist entities in Syria”