China providing medical support and Covid vaccines to Syria

The Chinese government decided to provide 150,000 doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, to help the Syrian government.

The Chinese ambassador to Syria, Feng Biao, said that the efforts of his country and Syria “have joined forces in combating the epidemic pandemic since the beginning of last year, which has strengthened friendship between the two peoples”.

The Chinese ambassador said that China “provided a large amount of medical supplies to Syria last year, and this time, in addition to 150,000 doses of vaccine, China will also provide 20 respirators and 750 tons of rice as a first batch of food aid in Syria, which will contribute to overcome the epidemic early”.

He pointed out that this “is a tangible step to translate the initiative of” a community for a shared future for mankind “proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Chinese ambassador described the sanctions imposed on Syria as illegal, and said that “some countries continue to impose unilateral sanctions on Syria, which has exacerbated the suffering of the Syrian people”.

Biao pointed out that his country and Syria “exchange strong support and support on issues related to core interests and major concerns over the 65 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between them”.

He said, “Practical and friendly cooperation between the two sides has achieved fruitful results in politics, economy, culture, security and other fields”.