A massive joint Israeli-US military exercise has launched simulating Israel being exposed to sudden missile and air threats

A joint military exercise with US forces has been launched in Israel, simulating the country’s exposure to missile and air threats.

“This week, the exercise of the joint headquarters of the air defense forces of the Israeli air force and the US army began,” Avichai Adrai, the IDF spokesman, said in a statement that was seen by Anadolu Agency.

The exercise is called “Juniper Falcon”.

“The exercise simulates various scenarios in which Israel is exposed to missile launch and other air threats,” he added.

Adraei pointed out that the exercise “aims to enhance cooperation, coordination and exchange of experiences between the two armies in addition to improving the defense readiness between them in the face of various threats and expanding deep strategic cooperation”.

“The Juniper Falcon exercise is taking place in Israel in the last two decades, and it constitutes an important factor in the cooperation between the two armies and the two countries,” he said.

He added that the exercise “will be held this year in parallel in Germany, the United States and Israel with the participation of various units, chiefly the air defense, the operations authority, the navy, and logistical and medical units”.

Adraei pointed out that “the exercise was adapted to the conditions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to ensure that it is conducted and to preserve the health of the participants”.