The US military is strengthening its forces inside the largest natural gas field in eastern Syria

The US forces continue to consolidate their influence in the areas they control in the countryside of Deir al Zour, eastern Syria.

More than 30 trucks loaded with logistical materials, weapons and various ammunition, in addition to some oil equipment, entered the (Konico) field, which it controls and uses as its base in the region.

According to local sources, the US forces are working to train mercenary elements loyal to them in the area inside the Konico field, which is the largest gas field in Syria, as it produces 10 million cubic meters of natural gas, in order to recruit them to guard the gas and oil facilities in the area, which is occupied by the American and taken by his forces as military bases under its direct control, in order to facilitate its theft and the transfer of its production to Iraqi lands on a daily basis.

The US forces also use the “Koniko” field as a detention center for the members of the Arab tribes in the region, where they are taken, who reject their presence in the area, to one of their prisons in “Koniko” as well as in the nearby “Omar” oil field.

In a related context, and within a stone’s throw from al Omar field, which is one of the largest US bases in eastern Syria, the US army patrols continued to roam in the town of al Shuhail, backed by aircrafts without knowing the reasons.

The town of Dhiban this morning, according to local sources, that a group of SDF forces carried out raids in the town, which led to the arrest of a group of young men and taking them to an unknown destination without charge.

Tribal sources in Deir al Zour revealed that, the gunman, Hassan al Jarrah, from the (Asayish) forces loyal to the US forces, was assassinated this morning by unknown persons in the town of al Sabha after he was shot and killed instantly, while the perpetrators fled.

This operation comes within a series of assassinations taking place in the region against the militants of the SDF organization affiliated with the US army, while the tribal rejection by the Arab component of the group’s compulsory recruitment campaign against Arab tribesmen in the region continues, as several towns witnessed separate protests as well.

Some tribal leaders issued statements denouncing and rejecting the decision imposed by the SDF with the support of the US forces in the region.