The Israeli Defense Minister visits the army unit in charge of carrying out operations outside the borders, after Biden announced his intention to return to the nuclear agreement

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited on Sunday, the army unit in charge of carrying out operations outside the borders, where he reviewed the operations plans.

The “Times of Israel” newspaper described the visit as “a hidden threat to Tehran”.

The newspaper quoted Gantz’s office as saying: “During the visit, the Minister of Defense was presented with the changes that have occurred in the unit since its formation, operational plans, and the readiness of various units to implement them”.

According to the newspaper, the unit is vague, multi-disciplinary, and responsible for military operations outside Israel’s borders, and almost all of its activities are classified as clandestine.

If the IDF launches an attack against Iran, the unit will likely play the central role in preparation and implementation.

The visit came days after a speech by the Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Army, General Aviv Kochavi, in which he said that he had instructed the army to draw up new plans to launch a strike against Iran to prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. 

He also criticized US President Joe Biden’s intention to return to the Iran nuclear deal if Tehran returned to comply with the agreement.

Gantz’s office stated that the minister thanked the soldiers and commanders for their activities and their willingness “to respond to a variety of new and difficult operational scenarios facing the State of Israel and the Israeli army”.

Iran had responded to the Israeli statement that it reserves the right to defend itself against Israeli threats.