The Economist reveals Erdogan’s desire for his country to possess a nuclear weapon

A report by the British newspaper “The Economist” revealed the increasing desire of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his country to possess nuclear weapons, as one of its rights.

The newspaper stated that despite the abundance of talk about the importance of limiting nuclear weapons, the matter has become more difficult in light of the increasing desire on the part of a number of countries to possess nuclear weapons, including Turkey.

The newspaper pointed to a recent study conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, according to which leaders usually appear more inclined towards possessing the nuclear bomb, as their control of power could facilitate in some ways for them to implement their plans and dreams.

Increasingly, Erdogan has begun to speak out about it, the study pointed out.

The newspaper pointed out that the Turkish president discussed with his party members in September 2019 that some countries possess nuclear missiles and that Turkey does not possess similar weapons, and said at the time during the meeting: “This is something I cannot accept”.

The study quotes Sinan Ulgen, a former diplomat who leads the Istanbul-based Idam Research Center, that he doubts Erdogan will act on this rhetoric.

He added, “At first, the Turkish public might like the idea of ​​possessing nuclear weapons, but the economic cost to Turkey will be very large and long-term”.