Turkey ends the construction of the “steel shield” to prevent the advance of the Syrian army towards Idlib

The Turkish army has completed the establishment of the “military defensive line” on contact lines between armed militias on one side and the Syrian army on the other side, which extends from the western countryside of Aleppo, through southern Idlib and the western countryside of Hama, to Jabal al Akrad, northeast of the city of Latakia in northwestern Syria.

The official of the monitoring and follow-up unit in the military factions told Saudi funded, London based al Sharq al Awsat newspaper on Thursday, that the Turkish forces have completed the formation of the “defensive line,” or what is known militarily as the “steel shield,” along the line of contact between the opposition factions and the Syrian army, for defense for Idlib governorate and opposition-held areas.

The military official added that Turkey has deployed about six thousand Turkish soldiers, and about 7,500 military vehicles, including heavy artillery, rocket launchers, radars and listening vehicles, in addition to more than 200 tanks, armored personnel carriers and carriers, and they were distributed in more than 70 points and strategic military sites.

The official of the Monitoring and Follow-up Unit spoke about the establishment of 20 Turkish military points and sites in Jabal al Zawiya alone, in addition to many others in southern Idlib.

According to Turkish soldiers, the “steel shield” aims to prevent the advance of the Syrian army towards the liberated areas, and to implement the provisions of the “Sochi” agreement between the Turkish presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in March 2020