An Israeli project puts the Suez Canal in trouble

The head of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, said that there is a follow-up to what is announced regarding the existence of alternative routes for the canal, indicating that from time to time new incentives, projects and services are offered, so that they are better than any other methods.

Rabie added during a televised interview on Thursday, that “so far, no project has appeared to compete with the Suez Canal”.

“On the far horizon, the Ashkelon road and railway project will appear, which will take 5 years to construct,” he said.

He added, “Egypt is considering alternatives to this project, which will affect the oil ships passing through the Suez Canal by about 16%”.

He stressed that “any project in maritime transport, parallel to the Suez Canal, that withdraws part of the ships passing in the Suez Canal will affect them”.

The head of the Suez Canal Authority revealed, “Egypt has entered into a partnership with China in maritime transport, on the Silk Road, which consists of three land, air and sea lines, pointing to the ships passing on the Silk Road will pass through the Suez Canal”.

Israel is working to establish the Ashkelon project, which is 254 kilometers long from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, as it will provide a parallel route to the Egyptian Suez Canal, through a network of pipelines that will transport oil and gas not only to the region, but to many areas in Europe and Asia.