The Syrian army eliminates the ISIS armed group that attacked their buses recently near Deir al Zour – Palmyra

The Syrian army announced the elimination of the terrorist group, which during the past days has targeted buses carrying civilians and military personnel on the Deir al Zour-Palmyra road, dozens of people were killed and wounded.

One of the field commanders in the Syrian Arab Army said, “The operation took place after combing the desert area adjacent to the international road of Deir al Zour – Palmyra, where the movements of terrorist remnants between the areas of Shula and Kabajab were detected and targeted by the attacking forces’ fire to eliminate five terrorists and destroy their four-wheel-drive pickup equipped with a heavy machine gun”.

It is noteworthy that the ISIS terrorists present in the Deir al Zour desert have repeatedly attacked buses and cars of civilians and soldiers during the current month, and the military forces operating in Deir al Zour combed the areas of the attacks until they managed to eliminate this group.