Syria agrees to join the initiative to secure the Coronavirus vaccine after resolving some sticking points

The Syrian government agreed to join an initiative launched by the World Health Organization to secure a safe vaccine against the Coronavirus “as quickly as possible”.

The Syrian council of Ministers announced that the Council approved Syria’s accession to the “Kovacs” initiative through the World Health Organization, indicating that this was done “after resolving some sticking points” to secure a safe vaccine against the Coronavirus as quickly as possible.

The Prime Minister clarified that it had assigned the Ministry of Health “to take the necessary measures in this regard while continuing negotiations with friendly countries to obtain the vaccine and secure it for citizens”.

The Council stressed “the strictness in the measures taken to confront the Coronavirus”.

The Syrian People’s Assembly (Parliament) had approved a draft law that includes ratification of the Framework Agreement for Partnership between Syria and the “Global Alliance for Vaccines” (GAVI) with the aim of obtaining vaccines.

The Syrian Minister of Health, Hassan al Ghobash, announced at the meeting that was held a few days ago that the agreement “will lead to financial savings resulting from obtaining prices lowered than international prices and the provision of foreign exchange necessary to import vaccines”.

Ghobash said that the government is seeking to “obtain a Coronavirus vaccine according to several conditions, the most important of which is that it should not be at the expense of compromising Syrian sovereignty and the health of citizens”.