The Syrian Army besieges the city of “Tafas” in Daraa and threatens to storm it

The Syrian Army forces threatened to storm the city of Tafas in the governorate of Daraa, unless the militants in the city surrender their weapons, in addition to handing over a number of wanted persons to themselves or deporting them to northern Syria.

The “Daraa Central Committee”, which includes the armed militias, announced earlier what it called “a general alert for all free youth in the western region of Daraa governorate”.

Meanwhile, local activists said that “violent clashes” have been taking place since Sunday afternoon between members of the “Fourth Division” and the gunmen on the outskirts of Tafas.

The Syrian forces seek to end the presence of armed groups outside the framework of the official forces, in addition to ending the remnants of the armed factions that left the area during the “Syrian Army” control of the area nearly three years ago.

Many areas of southern Syria have been witnessing for months, particularly Daraa Governorate, security and military tension between the “Syrian Army” and groups of opposition factions that signed a settlement with the Syrian government, but they did not surrender their weapons.

During the past months, the “Syrian Army”, in cooperation with the security branches, carried out large-scale incursions into these areas, and during which dozens of wanted persons were arrested on charges related to terrorism.