Haaretz: Israel allows the United States to deploy the “Iron Dome” missiles in the Gulf

Israeli newspaper revealed, on Sunday, that Israel has allowed the United States to deploy and use the “Iron Dome” system, which was recently purchased by the US military, in the Arab Gulf region.

“Haaretz” newspaper, citing unnamed security sources, said that the United States is expected to soon begin deploying the batteries of the air defense missile system “it bought from Israel” in the Gulf region, in coordination with senior Israeli officials.

According to the newspaper, Israel refused to disclose the names of the countries in which the batteries will be deployed, and says that this step was not included in the normalization agreements it signed with the UAE and Bahrain.

No official confirmation was available.

Washington will later deploy Iron Dome batteries to military bases in Europe and the Far East, and they will be operated only by US forces.

About 3 weeks ago, Israel delivered a second batch of Iron Dome batteries to the US military, as part of a purchase agreement signed in August 2019.

It is expected that within a few months, the Israeli company, “Rafael”, the manufacturer of the air defense system, in conjunction with the American “Raytheon” company, will launch the production line of “Iron Dome” missiles outside Israel, without manufacturing its launchers.

“Haaretz” said that this step “will facilitate the process of manufacturing interceptor missiles, whether for the US army or the armies of other countries in Europe, the Gulf and the Far East, including countries that Israel has refrained from selling the system for security and political considerations”.

Last September, Israel signed an agreement to normalize relations with the UAE, which was followed by another with Bahrain under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump.