2021 started in Syria with an explosion targeting a Russian base in Raqqa

On Friday, a Russian base in Raqqa, Syria, was attacked by the “Guardians of Religion” organization, which is affiliated with al Qaeda in Syria.

The organization targeted the new Russian base near the village of Tal al Samen, in the northern countryside of Raqqa, days after its concentration, in conjunction with tensions around the strategic town of Ain Issa.

Tal al Samen is about 32 km south of Ain Issa.

According to local media, the organization attacked the Russian base with a car bomb, which exploded at dawn on Friday at its entrance, without talking about any casualties.

The Guardians of Religion Organization claimed responsibility for the attack, which is its first in the Syrian province of Raqqa.

Russia has not commented on the incident yet.

On December 27, the Russian Ministry of Defense had previously confirmed that it had sent additional forces to Ain Issa.

The Russian “TASS” agency published a statement by the deputy of the Russian Hmeimim base in Syria, Major General Vyacheslav Sitnik, in which it was stated; “Additional units have been sent to the Russian Military Police with the aim of strengthening efforts to stabilize the Ain Issa region”.