20 Syrian soldiers and 8 civilians were killed in an attack on a bus on a major highway in Deir al Zour Governorate

On Wednesday, 20 soldiers of the Syrian Army and 8 civilians were killed in a terrorist attack targeting a bus on a major highway in Deir al Zour, bordering Iraq.

No further details were given about the incident, which occurred in an area where the Syrian army and armed factions supported by Iran are mainly deployed, near the historic city of Palmyra.

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” said that a passenger bus was attacked by armed groups believed to be affiliated with “ISIS”, which resulted in the elevation of 28 people, including 8 civilians and 20 soldiers in the Syrian Army, and 9 others were wounded.

“Sputnik” added that the terrorist attack on the bus took place near (Kabajeb) area on the international road (Deir al Zour – Palmyra).

A field source confirmed that the area (Kabajab / 50 km southwest of Deir al Zour) witnessed increased activity by the militants of the terrorist organization “ISIS”, recently, indicating that the warplanes launched a series of strikes during the past few days at desert headquarters of ISIS terrorist in the region and its vicinity.

The source confirmed that the Syrian army sent military reinforcements from the nearby sites to the area that witnessed the attack, and its units engaged in a clash with an armed group, coinciding with air strikes by the joint Syrian-Russian warplanes.

He indicated that the clashes resulted in the destruction of 3 vehicles of the militants, and more than 40 armed attackers were killed and wounded.

The official Syrian News Agency, SANA, quoted its correspondent in Deir al Zour as saying: “This morning, at about 4:00 pm, Pullman was exposed on the Deir al Zour road – Palmyra in the Kabajeb area, to a terrorist attack, which resulted in the death of 25 citizens and wounding 13 others”.