Iran, which is facing the worst spread of the Coronavirus circumvents US sanctions and finds a way to buy the vaccine from abroad

Bloomberg News reported on Friday, that Iran has found a way to solve the problem of buying a Coronavirus vaccine from abroad, after being exempt from US sanctions, which would achieve a breakthrough for the country that is fighting the worst spread of the virus in the Middle East.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdel Nasser Hemmati, said in statements to Channel One of Iranian television, reported by the Iranian IRNA news agency Thursday evening: “We are making all our efforts to be able to buy medicines and medical equipment by circumventing the unjust US embargo that took place during the current year (the Iranian year appeared in March 20) so far, $ 2.7 billion has been allocated for the purchase of medicines and medical equipment.

Hemmati added: “Today, in light of the cooperation of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, we have succeeded in transferring an amount of 200 million euros to import 16.8 million corona syringes to the financial intermediary of the World Health Organization”.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran stated: “After the World Health Organization obtained the necessary license from OFAC (the Office of Foreign Assets Review of the US Treasury), today we were able to transfer this amount through South Korea”.

“We were able, after 10 days of efforts, to send the equivalent of 180 million euros through an American and South Korean bank to a bank in Switzerland,” Hemmati continued.

Hemmati added: “We were able to send this transfer through 3 banks in Turkey and Europe and a branch of an Iranian bank by taking the license from OFAC, because the Americans have always created many problems for us with remittances and we were careful not to take this time also on our financial resources”.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran confirmed that “the Americans have unlawfully imposed the embargo on the oil, petrochemical and steel sectors, and the central bank’s balances in Iran, which at present have deposits of 7 billion dollars in South Korea, as the Korean side deducts their storage expenses instead of paying us interest in Its presence has”.

He referred to the Iranian Ministry of Health’s negotiations with the Chinese side to buy the Covid-19 vaccine and said: “Whenever an agreement is reached with China, the central bank will provide the necessary amount for this matter”.

Hemmati assured that the central bank has not neglected until a moment the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccine, adding, “We depend on the production of the vaccine at home, and we have announced to our colleagues that our first priority in the bank is to provide the financial resources to purchase the equipment needed to produce the Covid-19 vaccine at home, and we continue in conjunction with that purchase The necessary vaccine from foreign companies.