The Times: Trump uses martial law as an option to push Joe Biden out of the White House

The Times published an article by Henry Zifman with the headline “Trump” uses martial law “as an option to push Joe Biden out of the White House.

President Trump has placed martial law as an option to try to overturn Joe Biden’s victory, according to several accounts.

It is said that “the possibility of using the army to impose a second term has been categorically rejected by many of his closest advisors, according to the writer, but the fact that it was raised at a meeting in the Oval Office on Friday represents a new turning point in Trump’s attempts to challenge his defeat”.

According to the report, the meeting was attended by Sydney Powell and Michael Flynn, two of Trump’s most vocal advocates. 

The New York Times reported that Trump discussed at the meeting naming Powell as a special adviser to oversee an investigation into election fraud. Trump’s advisers, including his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, opposed the idea of ​​martial law and instead suggested seizing the voting machines to investigate fraud, which the Department of Homeland Security said it had no authority to do.

The article notes that Powell and Flynn have previously proposed martial law, and Flynn said in a televised interview that Trump “can take military capabilities and can re-run elections in each of the states”, adding that the idea of ​​martial law is not new, as it has been imposed 64 times.

The report concludes with a comment by Mitt Romney, the former presidential candidate who was present at the meeting, who said that the meeting was “sad” and “embarrassing”. 

He added in a statement to CNN, “The president can now write the final chapter of this administration announcing victory over the Coronavirus pandemic with the vaccine… Instead, he leaves Washington with a series of conspiracy theories and crazy and complicated matters that people shake their heads in despair and astonishment.