US helicopters transport 3 dangerous people to an unknown destination

The US forces transferred 3 ISIS leaders from the city of Shaddadi in the countryside of Hasakah to an unknown destination.

Local sources as saying that: “The Americans transferred three leaders of the terrorist organization who are being held in a prison Camp, which is controlled by SDF, east of Shaddadi city, to an unknown destination via a military helicopter”.

The sources pointed out that “the three leaders are Iraqis, Mohsen Hamad al Khalouf, who is in charge of armaments, Hassoun Mudrif al Kadhim, who is responsible for recruitment and training, and Muhammad Ahmad al Najm, who specializes in booby traps”.

This comes at a time when the United States continues the process of investing in the terrorist organization ISIS, equipping it and supporting it, to resume its bloody attacks, which creates a pretext for the survival of the US presence in both Syria and Iraq.