The crisis gets complicated in Israel and a revolt within Gantz’s party after an agreement with Netanyahu to postpone the budget and divisions hit the Knesset

Signs of rebellion have appeared within the Israeli “Blue-White” party led by Defense Minister Benny Gantz, after he reached an agreement with the Likud party led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which may cancel the going to new early elections.

The official Kan channel said, on Monday morning, that Member of Knesset Asaf Zamir, for “Blue and White”, will not vote in favor of the bill that Netanyahu and Gantz had agreed upon, which would delay approval of the budget for two weeks.

The Kan channel added that other Gantz party members are expected to join Zamir, including Ram Sheva and Miki Haimovich, without further details.

The Knesset will witness the presentation of a bill delaying the passage of the budget for two weeks, to prevent a new round of elections.

The Knesset was supposed to automatically dissolve itself at Tuesday midnight, if the budget was not passed, and to go to new elections on March 23.

But an agreement reached by Netanyahu and Gantz on Sunday evening, according to a joint statement, to postpone the passage of the state budget for 2020 until the end of this month, and the 2021 budget until January 5, as a last chance before dissolving the Knesset and going to elections.

The essence of the dispute between Netanyahu and Gantz is that the first seeks to approve a one-year budget, while the second insists on a two-year budget, according to the text of the coalition agreement that led to the formation of the current government.

Israel witnessed two elections in April and September 2019, then a third election in March 2020, which led to the formation of the current government in May of the same year.