The European Union to tighten sanctions against Turkey

European Council President Charles Michel informed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a phone call, of the European summit’s decision to tighten sanctions on Turkey, calling on Ankara for dialogue.

A diplomatic source in the European Union told reporters, that Michel “briefed the Turkish president on the results of the European Union summit that was held on December 10 and 11, and stressed the need to reduce escalation in the Mediterranean”.

The source added that Michel also called for “the resumption of negotiations with Greece and the relaunch of negotiations on a settlement in Cyprus under the auspices of the United Nations”.

It is noteworthy that the European Union summit decided to tighten sanctions against Turkey because of its actions in the Mediterranean. 

The European Union postponed the application of sanctions until next March, and gave Turkey until that date to change its position on exploration in the Mediterranean, solve the outstanding problems with Greece, and activate the path of the Cyprus issue.

The Turkish parliament showed a rare unity of its kind today, Tuesday, in its condemnation of the US sanctions imposed on Ankara for its purchase of a Russian air defense system, and said that the country would not hesitate to protect itself in the face of threats.

On Monday, the United States imposed sanctions on Turkey’s largest defense industry development agency, its chairman and three employees, in a move Turkey described as a “huge mistake”.

In a joint statement, four of the five major parties in Parliament said that relations with the United States must be based on mutual respect, and that the sanctions imposed because of the country’s purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system “are not in line with the spirit of the alliance”.

The statement continued, “We call on the United States to reverse this grave mistake immediately”. 

He added that Turkey “will not back down in the face of sanctions or threats”.

The CHP and the Good Party, both of which are usually fierce competitors of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, signed the statement with the AKP and the MHP.

The HDP, the pro-Kurdish and second largest opposition party, did not sign the statement.