The Times: A leak reveals how Beijing has ordered to reduce the number of Corona cases in Wuhan

The Times newspaper published a report by Asian affairs correspondent Philip Sherwell entitled “A leak reveals how Beijing ordered to reduce the number of corona cases in Wuhan?”

Sherwell says that chaos, confusion and attempts to cover have dominated the official reaction of China at the beginning of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Wuhan Province, and this was revealed last week in conjunction with the passage of the first anniversary of the emergence of the epidemic.

Sherwell adds that multiple interviews with a group of workers in the Chinese health sector revealed how Chinese officials reduced official reports on the seriousness of the epidemic, whether from citizens or the world, in the thorny early stages of the outbreak.

And he continues that the official reports issued by the Chinese government indicated that in one day, the tenth of last February, 2,478 cases of infection were recorded in the entire country, while a leaked document last week issued by the local authorities in Wuhan and labeled for local purposes and that it was classified revealed that the city was registered in The same day, 5918 cases were injured.

The reporter explains that the leaked documents were delivered by a person from within the Chinese health sector to the US news network CNN in the most prominent leak of Chinese documents since the beginning of the epidemic.

He indicates that the leaks reveal a reduction in the number of infected people, although doctors in Hubei province, on the first lines to combat the epidemic, witnessed hospitals flooding with large numbers of infected people, during the worst weeks of the epidemic in the region.