Erdogan is surrendering to Biden team

Turkey is showing a willingness to reconcile with its two regional rivals, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Al Monitor website reported that the head of the Turkish National Intelligence Service, Hakan Fidan, had begun secret negotiations with Israeli officials.

A source told the American Journal that this was a sign of a shift in relations.

Fidan has practical experience discussing the Libyan and Syrian conflicts with the Israeli side, but the recent contacts related specifically to the bilateral agenda: Ankara has proposed improving diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

The Turkish side has followed a similar path towards another regional competitor, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is evident from the recent meeting between the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, and his Saudi counterpart, Faisal bin Farhan, in Niger.

In this regard, the senior director of the Turkish program at the American Fund for the Defense of Democracy, Haykan Erdemir, a former member of the Turkish Parliament, told Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta: “After Biden won the elections, the Erdogan government chose a more conciliatory tone, not limited to the United States and the Union.

The European Union, but towards Turkey’s regional competitors, Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well”.

This change in rhetoric reflects Erdogan’s concern that Biden will not condone his aggressive foreign and security policies, and he may impose sanctions in coordination with the European Union”.

As Erdemir assumes, perhaps the Turkish president is also betting on improving relations with Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to stop the trend towards further isolation of Turkey in the Middle East, and improve its image in Washington and Brussels.