Saudi Arabia cuts off support for the SDF to please Turkey

Media sources revealed recently that, “Saudi Arabia is cutting off support to the SDF to satisfy Turkey”.

The channel stated that “Kurdish media sites (they did not name them) announced that Saudi Arabia cut off its support for the Kurdish self-management and the Kurdish self-management, as part of the measures taken by Saudi Arabia to rapprochement with Turkey, which classifies the SDF as” terrorist groups linked to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey”.

According to the same sources, “Saudi Arabia has given the representative of the Autonomous Administration in the Gulf, Shavan Khaburi, several hours to leave the kingdom’s lands”.

The channel added that “Saudi Arabia supported the Kurdish Autonomous Administration during the previous period, financially and militarily, after several visits by the Saudi Minister Thamer al Sabhan, who visited the SDF control areas in Hasakeh, Raqqa and Deir al Zour, during which he met with a number of Kurdish leaders in SDF and the Kurdish Autonomous Administration”.