Russia is limiting the capability of US arsenal with it’s new “S-500” anti-aircraft system

If China is achieving progress in the scientific field that is related in particular to the world of the Internet, and surpassed the United States, including in the fifth generation technology of the Internet, then Russia, in turn, began to outperform the United States in some specific weapons, threatening its sales in the future.

Russia has recently experimented with the “S-500” defense system, which is characterized by intercepting ballistic missiles in the upper airspace and jets, including the “F-22” and “F-35” of America, which is considered the best in the air combat industry in the United States.

This system intercepts more than ten targets simultaneously.

This system, which has been tested since last summer, will work in the Russian army within a few months. 

It is superior to the S-400 which is considered the best air defense system. 

It is the system desired by a number of countries and has so far acquired by Algeria, Turkey and China.

On the other hand, the Russian industry succeeded in manufacturing a radar of the “Container” type that detects advanced fighters two thousand kilometers away.

Russia deployed it a year ago on its borders, including the western ones, and began to give impressive results, as it monitors the routine flying of some Western fighters.

This development gives Russia astonishing progress in any real or cold war, and paralyzes the ability of Western aviation because the remote monitoring process gives the Russian defense sufficient time to prepare.

This astonishing development limits the ability of the American weapon because it eliminates the power of more advanced combat aircraft such as the “F-35” and limits the ability of missiles.

Aware of the danger of Russian weapons and its impact on its sales, the United States threatens countries that are considering buying advanced Russian weapons, including the S-400.