Politico: Republicans welcome Trump’s run in the 2024 election

The Politico magazine said that although Republicans in Congress were slow to adopt Donald Trump’s campaign in the White House in 2016, the ousted president would have a lot of support on Capitol Hill if he ran again in 2024.

Trump has even been welcomed openly by some Republicans who may seek higher positions in the future.

Even in his defeat, Trump’s grip on the party remains strong.

Senator Josh Hawley said: “If Trump were to run in 2024, I think he would be the candidate.

He has a lot of support in the country”.

Senator Rick Scott (Republican from Florida) said it would be nice if Trump ran. 

He did a good job. 

I think he should run if he wants to. 

Who knows what will happen in 2024.

He can sell the things that he’s accomplished”.

In a series of interviews on Wednesday, Republicans in the House and Senate made it clear that the Republican Party had no intention of turning its back on Trump or Trump himself. 

This is partly because Trump remains a hugely popular figure in his party, far more than most Republicans in Congress. 

But some Republicans refused to discuss the 2024 race, saying it was too speculative.

The political calculations are clear, as Trump will soon lose the Oval Office, he will still have his Twitter account and will remain tightly in control of his popular base, and Republicans hate dealing with Trump, who could play a major role in the primaries for the Senate and House of Representatives in 2022 and create problems for incumbents.

Who are separating from him. Future Republican presidential candidates will also be eager to win the support of his supporters if they eventually go through another campaign.

The magazine pointed to the support of Republican lawmakers in Congress for Trump’s nomination in 2024, such as Representative Matt Gates (from Florida), one of Trump’s fiercest allies on Capitol Hill, who said that Trump “should run and have the party’s support,” and Representative Jim Banks (Indiana), who He noted that Trump “is very popular in the Republican Party, and it will be very difficult to defeat him”.

And although more than a dozen Republicans present themselves as potential candidates in 2024, Trump told members of the Republican National Committee on Tuesday that if his unsuccessful attempt to challenge the results of the 2020 election ultimately fails, he will run in the presidential race four years later.

Senator Lindsay Graham (Republican from South Carolina) said: “I would encourage him to keep this option open. 

I will personally support him if he does that”.

And most Republicans think he has done a very good job and that his presidency from a conservative standpoint has been extremely important.

Senator Steve Dines (Republican from Montana) said that if President Trump fights in 2024, I support it. 

He added that most Republicans in Congress are likely to support Trump.

Republicans said they had few reservations about placing their confidence in a newly defeated candidate to win the White House, arguing that Trump had defied odds – and the polls – once before.

“Here you have a man who won in 2016 and then in 2020 outperformed with 15 million votes,” said Conservative Representative Paul Gossard (Republican from Arizona).

“This has never been heard before”.

He noted that Trump had a greater percentage of black voters than in 2016.

Yet not every Republican member of Congress felt like talking about the matter five years into Trump’s domination of the party. 

Senator Ron Johnson (Republican from Wisconsin) said he doesn’t talk about these kinds of assumptions. 

Senator Tom Cotton (Republican from Arkansas), a potential presidential candidate, declined to comment.

Senator Susan Collins (Republican from Maine) said she had “never considered 2024”. 

Senator Chuck Grassley (Republican from Iowa) said it was a “very speculative” topic.

Senator John Cornyn (Republican from Texas) said, “I will try not to answer the assumptions.

It will be a crowded area… I don’t know”.