US arms deals to the UAE exceeding $ 23 billion anger 29 human rights organizations and strong moves to thwart them

29 organizations active in the defense of human rights and arms control have signed a letter opposing a $ 23 billion deal to sell missiles, combat aircraft and drone to the United Arab Emirates, and demanding the US Congress prevent the deal from being completed.

“Our hope is that we stop these sales altogether… but if this is not possible in the near term, then this sends an important signal to the incoming (President-elect Joe) Biden administration that there is a group,” said Seth Binder, of the Middle East Democracy Project that has embraced these efforts.

A variety of organizations oppose the handover of these weapons.

Three members of the US Senate submitted a bill to stop the deal, which includes drones produced by General Atomics, F-35 fighters produced by (Lockheed Martin) and missiles produced by (Raytheon), while preparing for a confrontation with US President Donald Trump a few days ago.

Weeks after leaving the White House.

And allows US law covering major arms deals for senators to impose a vote on negative decisions.

The bill should be passed in the Republican-led Senate, which rarely defeats Trump, as well as the Democratic-led House of Representatives.

“The planned arms sales to the UAE, which is a party to the conflicts in Yemen and Libya, would increase the ongoing harm to civilians and exacerbate these humanitarian crises,” the organizations ’letter to be sent to lawmakers and to the US State Department said.

Among the signatories of the letter are organizations defending human rights in the region, including the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and Mwatana Organization for Human Rights.

“The highly capable UAE army is a deterrent force to aggression and an effective response to violent extremism, which is closely aligned with US values ​​and interests,” the UAE embassy in Washington said in a statement to Reuters.