UK Foreign minister: We are entering “the last week or so” of negotiations with the European Union

The British Foreign minister, Dominic Raab, said that his country and the European Union are entering “the last week or so” of “important” trade negotiations after Britain’s withdrawal from the EU (Brexit), in statements he made to British Sky News Channel on Sunday.

With Brisket’s transition period over, in a month or so a little more, Raab hinted that negotiations may soon come to a conclusion.

However, he called on the European Union to accept the “preliminary point” on fisheries, which has so far been considered a major point of contention for reaching an agreement.

Asked if a potential deal might collapse because of that issue, Raab added, “I think it is important for the European Union to be aware of the principle point”.

Raab added, “If they show the realism and good intentions… that characterized the last leg of negotiations – and we certainly showed our flexibility, and I think there will be an agreement”.

It is reported that after months of stalemate, Brussels and London said that they are close to reaching an agreement, but the two sides differ on rules for fishing in European Union waters, and regulations on competition and governance.