Protest get more violence: Police arrest 81 people in France following protests over a security law

Police in France have arrested 81 people across the country, after protests were held in several cities against brutality and a controversial new security law, according to reports.

AFP quoted the Interior Ministry as saying that the arrests took place after about 133,000 people demonstrated in several cities, and 46,000 in Paris alone.

The agency added that the organizers later stated that 500 thousand people participated in the rallies, while 200 thousand participated in Paris.

In Paris, where separate riots broke out, protesters set up barricades and threw objects at the police, and 23 policemen were injured, according to the city’s police force.

In Rennes, police officers used tear gas against demonstrators.

Further demonstrations were held in the cities of Strasbourg, Marseille and Lyon.

These demonstrations come after France witnessed two incidents, which received widespread media attention for police brutality. Last Monday, police used force to evacuate a migrant camp, and last Thursday, a video clip emerged of policemen hitting a black music producer.

It worth mentioning that, more than 60 policemen and gendarmes were injured and 81 people were arrested in France on Saturday during demonstrations rejecting a security bill and police violence, according to the French Interior Ministry.

On Sunday, the ministry stated that 62 police injuries were recorded (39 in the regions and 23 in Paris). 

Several videos posted on social media showed police officers being beaten by protesters.

In Paris, the number of injured protesters has not yet been assessed.

An independent Syrian cameraman, Amir al Halabi, 24, who was covering the demonstration, was wounded in the face. 

The Secretary-General of “Reporters Without Borders” Christophe Delaware, on Saturday evening on Twitter, denounced the “unacceptable” police violence against the collaborator with Polka magazine and Agence France-Presse.

According to the French Ministry of Interior, 133,000 people demonstrated, including 46,000 in Paris, while the organizers, on their part, announced the participation of 500,000 people, including 200,000 in the capital.

This mobilization was organized to reject the “comprehensive security” bill, which opponents say has a negative impact on media freedom. 

It also came after two scandals of violence committed by police officers were exposed within a few days, which led to the issue becoming a priority issue and forced President Emmanuel Macron to intervene.