Pennsylvania court dismissing a complaint about fraud in the voting process… Trump says he will file a lawsuit in Pennsylvania due to fraud and lack of legitimacy in counting the state’s votes

The Supreme Court in Pennsylvania on Saturday rejected a new complaint filed by Donald Trump’s campaign condemning irregularities during the presidential election, thus eliminating the possibility of a change in the results.

The Republican complaint demanded either to nullify the vote by mail or to cancel the vote entirely in order to leave state lawmakers the choice of the winner, the president-elect Joe Biden won in Pennsylvania by 81,000 votes.

The court rejected these two requests, describing the second request as “surprising”, considering that it aims to “deprive the 6.9 million people who voted in Pennsylvania from their votes” that they made.

The complaint also challenges a law passed in 2019 related to the introduction of voting by mail in Pennsylvania, as the complaint considered that the law was unconstitutional.

In their ruling, the judges said that the challenge to this law came late, more than a year after its adoption, and at a time when “the election results seem to have become clear”.

The state of Pennsylvania approved Biden’s victory on November 24, but this new complaint also sought to challenge that decision.

On Friday, a US federal appeals court dismissed an appeal filed by outgoing President Donald Trump in which he deemed the election process unfair, refusing to freeze a court decision validating Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania.

In a scathing critique of arguments in which the Trump campaign considered the latter a victim of fraud on the November 3rd, three appellate judges considered that there was no evidence to support the allegations of unfairness in the electoral process.

The court considered that “accusations of dishonesty are serious accusations, but just saying that the elections are unfair does not make them so”.

This falls in the context of a nationwide set of court rulings that rejected the Trump campaign and the Republicans’ allegations of fraud and other irregularities that led to the Republican billionaire losing the presidential election.

And earlier Thursday, Trump wrote on Twitter, “These were 100% rigged elections”.

“This election was rigged,” he added, reiterating some conspiracy theories about Biden’s victory that fell in most US courts.

US President Donald Trump said he would appeal the case in Pennsylvania, noting the existence of fraud and illegal practices in counting the votes of voters in the state.

Trump tweeted on his Twitter page late Saturday night: “The number of ballots that our campaign is challenging in Pennsylvania is much greater than the difference of 81,000 votes. 

That’s not even close to that number. 

Fraud and illegality are a big part of the case”.

Earlier on Saturday, a federal appeals court in the US state of Pennsylvania rejected an appeal filed by Trump as part of a lawsuit alleging massive voter fraud. 

The court said the fraud allegations made by Trump’s campaign were “baseless”.

Judge Stefanos Pépas wrote: “Describing the elections as unfair does not make them so. 

The accusations require specific allegations, then evidence.

 We do not have any of that here.

Trump’s team attorney, Gina Ellis, did not give in”.

The active judiciary in Pennsylvania continues to cover up allegations of mass fraud,” she said on Twitter.

Ellis pledged to refer the case to the Supreme Court in Washington.

Trump insistently refuses to admit defeat to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and claims that there was massive fraud in the elections that took place on the third of this month.

On the other hand, Biden warned Wednesday that the Americans “will not allow” to disrespect the outcome of the presidential elections that were held on November 3.