The Times: Biden’s fight within his own party

The Times published an article written by Justin Webb in which he says that the US president-elect, Joe Biden, has a battle with wings within the Democratic Party.

Webb says that the leftist movement in the Democratic Party is calling for the president to embody radical ideas and positions in his administration, and they do not want to return to an administration similar to Barack Obama’s rule.

The writer believes that the appointments announced by Biden in his administration focused on diversity, as he appointed the first woman Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, and Alejandro Mayorcas will be the first Minister of Homeland Security of Latin origin. But he wonders where is the background diversity among these?

Where is the diversity in the experiences?

In the end, he indicates that all of them belong to the elite, regardless of their origins. 

In his opinion, Biden appointed his administration as its predecessors from the upper social classes, with graduates from major universities.

Webb recalls that the losing Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders has warned that the party continues to lose more supporters in the working class, most of them leaning toward Trump.

If the Democrats want to restore the confidence and support of the working class, they have to rely less on elite politicians.

Sanders called directly on the president-elect to confront the powerful people who had declared it decades of war against the country’s working class.

Many Democrats believe, according to the writer, that Biden is wrong as he thought he was able to calmly return the country’s affairs, “but rather he should fight Trump’s ideas the same way Trump fought liberalism in the country”.