The Guardian: Biden will win the presidency, but the Republicans will take power

The Guardian published an article by Oxford professor of history Adam Tooze entitled “Biden will win the presidency, but the Republicans will take power”.

Tooze says that “President Donald Trump’s efforts to change the results of the recent elections seem to have come to an end, and his insult to himself in the free world has been completed,” adding that the battle continues for his followers and comrades in the Republican Party who had some joy.

“All this should not divert our attention away from the clear truth, which is that Biden did indeed succeed in grabbing the presidency, but the elections themselves demonstrated the Democrats’ failure to obtain the majority in Congress that the president needs to put an end to Republican control,” he added.

Tooze explains that the previous elections granted the presidency to the Democrats 4 times at crucial moments in 1916, 1932, 2008 and finally 2020, but this is the first time that the Democrats won the presidency without achieving a majority in Congress, which will constitute the main difference between Biden and his predecessor, who was supported by a solid political core supports him and gives him strength.

He added, “The rise of the United States as a superpower occurred during twenty years between 1932 and 1952, which, with the exception of only two years, witnessed the Democrats’ control of the presidency and the complete majority in both houses of Congress, which formed the global image of the United States”.

“As a veteran politician in the era of Barack Obama, Biden and some members of his team know that the Democrats during the years 2009 and 2010 and when they controlled Congress, the issuance of decisions and laws was easier, but this does not apply to the expected Biden era, in which the control of Congress will be for the Republicans,” Tooze concludes.

This is what the American electorate voted for.