Turkey imposes a military cordon on Jabal al Zawiya, south of “M4”, through 13 observation points

The Turkish army continued to establish more military observation points in Jabal al Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib, south of the Aleppo-Latakia highway, known as the “M4” road, and established two new points during the past two days, increasing the number of its points in it to 13 points, establishing a military cordon in its vicinity.

Observers of the situation in Idlib, the last of the “de-escalation” area of ​​the “homeland”, believed that the establishment of many new observation points for the occupation army in Jabal al Zawiya raises the level of escalation and the level of challenge from Ankara against Moscow’s will rejecting such unilateral military measures, contrary to the common understandings on which the two countries ’military agreed on last month’s 16 in the Turkish capital, and even the“ Moscow ”agreement on March 5 and Sochi in mid-2018, where the Turkish regime pledged to reduce the number of its forces south of“ M4 ”in preparation for a complete withdrawal from the region.

Local sources in Jabal al Zawiya confirmed that the Turkish army continued its policy of strengthening its forces in the villages and towns of the mountain, which has a vital location and which is an advanced line to defend “M4”, especially in strategic areas on the lines of contact of the Syrian Army or those that oversee On the two highways connecting Aleppo with Latakia and Hama.

The sources reported that military convoys of the occupation army arrived at Jabal al Zawiya through the illegal “Kafrlossin” crossing north of Idlib and stationed at a new observation point near the village of al Ruwaiha, on Sunday, and in the vicinity of the town of Balyun, which has a vital location that oversees the supply lines of the Turkish regime’s military militia between my town the two strategic “Kansafra” and “Kafr Awayid” southwest of Jabal al Zawiya, the day before Sunday.

This comes after the Turkish occupation army established “Deir Sunbul” and “al Bara” points on the 7 and 8 of this month, respectively, which overlook the Aleppo-Hama highway or the “M5” road, which is controlled by the Syrian Army, similar to the observation point in Tal the Nabi Ayoub is the supervisor of “M4”.

Thus, the 13 Turkish army observation points are distributed in Jabal al Zawiya in the form of a military cordon inside and around it in the villages and towns of “al Ruwaiha”, “al Bara”, “Deir Sunbul”, “Qafin”, “Billion”, “Zabour” and “Bassamis” and “Maratah” and “Marian” and “Munatif” and “Nabi Ayyub and top of its hill”.

It is noteworthy that the occupation army has strengthened its observation points in Jabal al Zawiya through military columns that evacuated its observation points in “Morek” in the northern countryside of Hama and “Shermaghar” in its western countryside and “Maarhatt” in the southern countryside of Idlib instead of withdrawing these points to the north of “M4” according to what was agreed upon with Moscow.