Trump wants to create a digital media empire to hit Fox News

Press reports in the US revealed that, the US President Donald Trump told friends that he wanted to create a giant digital media company that would deal a crushing blow to the “Fox News” that supports the Democrats.

Trump advisers believe that Fox News made a big mistake with its early announcement of Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona. 

This ignited Trump’s anger and gave him an excuse to launch attacks on the network.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Fox News for interviewing Democrats more than it used to in the past. 

He also tried to punish the network by promoting other conservative media outlets.

Also, during his last interview with “Fox & Friends” on Election Day, Trump said, “Fox has changed a lot. 

And if someone asked me what is the biggest difference between today and what it was like four years ago?

I will say: It’s Fox”.

Trump added, “I’m not complaining, I’m just telling people. 

It is one of the biggest differences between this election season compared to last season.