The National Interest: Russia finds an alternative to the F-35

There is a plane in Russia that can be an alternative to the American “F-35” fighter for those who want to acquire aircraft of this type, and find the American fighter expensive.

This was announced by an American magazine. 

According to “The National Interest”, the “Su-30”, a multi-role fighter, is one of the best-selling Russian military aircraft and can become an ideal alternative to the American “F-35” fighter in the world market.

The Su-30 fighter does not belong to the stealth aircraft category, but it can compete with stealthy stealth fighters such as the F-35.

The “Su-30” is an advanced sister of the “Su-27” fighter, which came into existence in the time of the Cold War as a fighter whose mission is to guard the Soviet air borders. 

Then its capabilities were developed, especially the possibility of intercepting enemy aircraft at a great distance, to appear as a long-range interceptor fighter called “Su-27BO”. 

This aircraft turned into a “Su-30” after Russia left the mantle of the Soviet Union. 

The Su-30 fighter entered military service with the Russian Air Force in the mid-1990s.

The Su-30 fighter has superior mobility and can work in all weather conditions.

Recently appeared in Russia, an advanced aircraft “Su-30” is the “Su-30SM2”, which can carry more munitions, while retaining its kinematic capabilities.