US envoy to Syria James Jeffrey resigns from his post

The US envoy to Syria James Jeffrey has resigned from his post as Washington’s diplomatic envoy to discuss the Syrian issue.

Jeffrey contacted a number of his Arab, European, and Syrian opposition counterparts in the past hours, informing them of the end of his duties, reassuring them of the continuation of US policy regardless of the election results.

“I don’t see any change in the presence of our forces, nor do I see any change in our sanctions policy, and I don’t see any change in our demand for Iran to leave Syria,” Jeffrey said during the notification of his resignation Whether it is with the Biden administration or Trump”.

On the sanctions imposed on Syria, Jeffrey commented, “This is just the beginning of more waves of sanctions.

Once again we start with the people closest to Assad. 

Because we believe that it is very important to focus on the accountability of those who financed him, and those who enabled his military machine”.

It is expected that Joel Robarn will succeed Jeffrey as the US envoy to Syria, as Robarn has attended most of James Jeffrey’s talks since taking office in mid-2018.

Rubarn is known as the special coordinator and accredited in the US State Department for the Syrian file, and Washington’s representative in the international coalition against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

James Jeffrey, who is a former US infantry officer who served in Germany and Vietnam between 1969 and 1976, and a senior fellow at the American Washington Institute, his work focused on the diplomatic and military strategy of the United States in the Middle East, especially Turkey, Iraq and Iran, and accordingly he became ambassador to each of Turkey and Iraq.

He held the position of Assistant to the US President and Deputy National Security Adviser in the George Bush Administration with a special focus on Iran, and previously served as Principal Deputy Under Secretary for the Office of Near Eastern Affairs at the US State Department, where his duties included managing the Iran policy team and coordinating public diplomatic affairs.

During his tenure as a diplomatic envoy for the Syrian file from his country, he emphasized a number of political and military axes, most notably the continuation of the economic sanctions campaign against Syria, preventing normalization with Damascus, ending the Iranian presence in Syria, giving up chemical weapons and implementing Resolution 2254, and working according to the open door with Turkey policy.

Prior to his resignation, Jeffrey led a public campaign in which he called on European and Arab countries to boycott the “Syrian Refugee Conference”, which is scheduled to be held in Damascus on November 11 and 12, despite Moscow’s efforts to establish it.