The European Union includes 8 new ministers in the Syrian government on the sanctions list

The European Union has added eight new ministers in the current Syrian government to its sanctions list, which also includes Prime Minister Hussein Arnous.

According to a statement published by the European Union on its official website, the sanctions include the Ministers of Oil and Mineral Resources, Bassam Tohme, Health Hassan Ghobash, Industry Ziad al Sabbagh, Electricity Ghassan al Zamil, and Agriculture Muhammad Hassan Qatna, and the State Ministers: Muhammad Samir Haddad, Muhammad Fayez al Barsha, Malloul Hussain.

The union explained that the reason for adding the ministers to the sanctions is that the ministers share the responsibility for the suppression of violence against the civilian population. 

Last September, the bloc announced the inclusion of 7 ministers in the Syrian government on its sanctions list, and all of them were banned from obtaining entry visas to the European Union, and their assets in the European Union were frozen. 

Thus, the list includes 288 names and 70 Syrian entities.

The European Union launched these sanctions in 2011, and excluded humanitarian products and equipment that could benefit Syrian civilians.