US presidential elections is waiting for the votes count results in five crucial US states and Biden is advancing

The Democratic candidate for the US presidency is getting closer and closer to entering the White House after winning two major wins in two major states in the face of outgoing Republican President Donald Trump, who is fighting a real legal war against him.

The results of the US presidential election are still pending Thursday, pending the results in some major states where the counting of votes continues amid intense competition that does not allow speculating who will win.

According to the results announced so far, Joe Biden won between 253 and 264 votes from senior voters, due to doubts about the results of the state of Arizona, while Donald Trump got 214.

A candidate must obtain 270 votes to enter the White House.

It has not yet been determined who will vote for the top three voters in Alaska, but no Democrat has won this state in decades, making the voting result almost a foregone conclusion.

Thus, five states remain:

Arizona with its 11 electoral votes

Joe Biden won 50.5 percent of the vote in the popular vote, compared to 48.1 for Trump, a difference of 68,000 votes after 86 percent of the vote was counted Thursday morning.

Fox news and the Associated Press agency estimated Tuesday night that the Democratic candidate won in this western state, as they considered it impossible for the president to remedy his delay.

But other media outlets such as the “New York Times” and “CNN” preferred to wait before announcing the victory of a candidate in the state that usually votes for Republicans.

And local authorities suggested that the screening could not be completed before Friday.

Georgia with its 16 electoral votes

As 96% of the vote has been counted in this southeastern state, and it usually votes Republicans. 

Donald Trump has been leading the results since Tuesday evening, but the difference gradually decreased to reach 18,500,000 votes only for Joe Biden, and the percentages settled at 49.6 percent compared to 49.2 percent, respectively, according to US media.

Local authorities plan to hold a press conference at 10:30 (1530 GMT).

Nevada with its 6 electoral votes

As %86 of the vote was counted in this desert state in the west of the country that chose Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Joe Biden leads the results with 49.3% of the vote so far, compared to 48.7% for Donald Trump.

And local authorities intend to announce the latest figures at midday.

Pennsylvania with its 20 electoral votes

As %89 of the vote was counted in this industrialized state in the “rust belt” in the northeast, where each of the candidates campaigned actively.

Donald Trump’s comfortable lead diminished on Wednesday, but Thursday morning he maintained the 160,000-vote difference with his opponent (50.7 percent versus 48.2 percent for Joe Biden).

About 750,000 votes remained for counting, all of which came by mail, the voting method preferred by Democratic voters, which leaves the possibility that the results will change in Biden’s favor, according to US media.

Donald Trump was enjoying a relatively comfortable lead on Wednesday evening (51.4 percent versus Joe Biden’s 47.3 percent).

Local authorities hope to be able to complete the vote count by Friday.

North Carolina with its 15 electoral votes

As %95 of the vote has been counted in this southeastern state and traditionally republic.

Currently, Donald Trump (50.1%) leads Joe Biden (48.7%) by a margin of nearly 77,000 votes.

However, postal votes sent no later than Election Day, November 3, will be accepted if they are received within the next nine days.