Israeli press reveals details of the disagreement between Trump and Netanyahu and disappointment with Israel’s position on the American elections

An Israeli website said that the US President, Donald Trump, is disappointed with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for not supporting him in the presidential elections.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following escalating military tension on the Lebanese-Israeli borders, Lebanon, Israel July 27, 2020

The Israeli website “Walla” stated, today, Thursday, that the US administration feels that Netanyahu has betrayed her and did not support Trump publicly, after he was careful not to jump strongly into the American political swamp, and preferred not to openly announce his favorite candidate in the elections.

He reported that Netanyahu had hoped that the first results would be a victory for Trump, but he was wrong and is currently silent, as he prepares to broadcast memories of friendship with the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

The website confirmed that the phone call between Trump, Netanyahu and the Sudanese leaders, two weeks ago, during which they announced the normalization agreement, was historic, but a small part of it took place in front of television cameras that alarmed Netanyahu’s advisers, after Trump asked Netanyahu about his preferred candidate.

The latter responded, with a diplomatic comment, that he would be happy to work with anyone in America who wanted to advance peace.

He explained that, after a few hours, an informal conversation took place between one of Trump’s advisers and one of Netanyahu’s advisers, during which he informed the American party that he was disappointed with Netanyahu’s reaction, as he expected to have more support from him.