Trump or Biden? America elects its president in historic presidential elections that America is witnessing in the midst of deep division

Millions of American voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to choose between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in a historic presidential election in America amid a deep division.

Biden, 77, hopes that former Vice President Barack Obama will finally win the presidency on his third attempt.

For his part, the outgoing 74-year-old Republican president, who fought an unprecedented campaign in terms of intensity, armed with his strong energy to go to voters on the street, promises to achieve a new surprise, as happened in 2016.

“Tomorrow we will make history again,” he said, addressing a large crowd of supporters Monday night, Tuesday, during a gathering in Grand Rapids, Michigan, expecting “another wonderful victory.”

Trump chose to wrap up his campaign in Grand Rapids, the industrial city of Michigan, where he ended his campaign completely four years ago. It is one of the states that led him to the White House.

Trump did not deliver a speech there specifically for this occasion, but focused on the topics that he often raises: his performance in the economy, oil, army and even in fighting the epidemic, reminding that a month ago he was ill with Covid-19 and was recovering.

For his part, Biden said hours before that in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he launched his election campaign 18 months ago, “I have a feeling that we will achieve a huge victory together tomorrow,” stressing that if he is elected president of the United States, he will seek “to control Covid from the first day.” For taking over the keys to the White House.

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has overwhelmed the election campaign, after it killed more than 230,000 people in the United States and worsened in recent days.

“It is time to stand up and restore our democracy,” Biden said at the end of his speech. We can do that. ”

– “No additional four years” –

“I will not bear four more years of Trump’s reign,” one of Joe Biden’s advocates, Jayne Perry, 65, told AFP in Pittsburgh, where the former US vice president held a rally Monday evening in the presence of singer Lady Gaga.

On the other hand, Lara Schmidt, 42, hopes the president will win a landslide. “But if votes are cast by illegal mail, I will pray,” she says, expressing concern after hearing him in Scranton.

In what appeared to be a provocative move, Trump went to Sacranton, Biden’s hometown, where he called his opponent a “sleepy atmosphere”, accusing him of being “troubled”, “corrupt” and “controlled by the mainstream media.”

As some cities prepare for the possibility of violence, America gives an image to the world that it is a country divided into two blocs that no longer communicate.

For months, Trump, speaking of catastrophic scenarios, waved the specter of a “radical left”, which, according to him, is ready to transform the world’s largest power into something resembling “Venezuela on a large scale.”

Democrats, led by Joe Biden and Barack Obama, are intensifying their warnings of the consequences that could be devastating for democratic institutions if Trump wins a second term.

About a hundred million Americans cast their votes in early voting, either in person or by mail, to avoid crowding at polling stations amid the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. For weeks, Donald Trump has criticized this option, saying it encourages fraud, but without providing evidence of that.

Five voters cast their ballots in Dixville Notch, a small village of 12 people in the northeastern United States, in a symbolic start to the presidential election by midnight Tuesday, voting unanimously for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

With its vote in the middle of the night, the village in the New Hampshire woods near the Canadian border follows a tradition since the 1960s that has earned it the title of “first in the country.”

With the exception of the neighboring village of Millsfield, which also votes at night, most polling stations on the east coast of the United States open at 6:00 or 7:00 am Tuesday (12:00 GMT).

– Participation is very high –

The voting takes place between two candidates who adopt completely different approaches.

On the one hand, there is the former American billionaire, the real estate mogul who moved from presenting a reality TV program to storming the political arena with a populist message based on “America first” and still insisting that he is an “outsider” to politics even though he spent four years in the White House.

On the other hand, there is Biden, a veteran in politics, descended from the middle class, who spent 36 years as a senator and then eight years as Vice President Obama, and promises to soothe America’s wounds if he wins “the battle for the soul of America.”

After two failures in 1988 and 2008, Joe Biden, who belongs to the moderate trend in the Democratic Party, imposed himself in the primaries for his camp with a simple message: the defeat of Donald Trump, describing him as “the worst president” in modern US history.

The turnout appears to be historic, with more than 100 million voters casting their ballots in early voting.

Democrats called for massive voting in this way due to the virus, and everyone is waiting to see if Republicans who tend to vote on the same election day, will be on time at the polls.

This record accumulation of votes through the mail, which may continue to appear in some states for several days after Tuesday, may complicate the vote counting processes or even delay the announcement of the winner if the results are very close.

Donald Trump warned, “Once the elections are over, our lawyers will be ready.” Trump had refused to pledge to accept the election result, in the unprecedented behavior of an outgoing president.

In order to win, the candidate must obtain the majority of the votes of the largest electorate, which are 270 out of 538, which are awarded proportionally at the state level.

All eyes will be on Tuesday evening Florida, one of the critical states in the elections. Without winning this mandate, which he previously won in 2016, the mission would be nearly impossible for Donald Trump to stay in the White House.