Turkey decides to extend the “seismic survey” mission in the eastern Mediterranean and the Greek Foreign Ministry denounces it and considers it “a provocation and a disregard for international law”

The Greek Foreign Ministry condemned on Sunday, Turkey’s extension of the seismic survey mission in an area belonging to its continental shelf in the Mediterranean, stressing that this measure “confirms once again that Turkey continues to ignore the basic rules of international law”.

The ministry said, in a statement, that this measure would increase tension in the region.

She added, “This illegal behavior undermines the possibility of a constructive dialogue,” and called on Turkey to immediately withdraw the Naftex notification it issued.

In this context, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias issued directives to immediately communicate with the Turkish side and “inform Greece’s allies and partners of Turkey’s continued provocative behavior”.

On Sundat, Turkey announced the extension of the “Naftex Notice” about the seismic survey missions carried out by the “Oroc Rais” ship in the eastern Mediterranean.

According to the extension decision, the ship will continue its duties until November 14, after the current notification was scheduled to expire next Wednesday.

The Turkish Anadolu news agency stated that the ships “Ataman” and “Genghis Khan” would continue to accompany “Oruc Reis” during the performance of its duties.